Yellowstone Season 5 Ending

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Yellowstone fans think they know what happens to the Dutton family at the end of Season 5. But is this show possible to predict? Make your predictions below! First question: What happens to John Dutton?

 John Dutton Dies
3 votes - 30% 
 John Dutton Survives
7 votes - 70% 

The Duttons lose the Ranch. Will Jamie get the Ranch?

 Yes, Jamie gets the Ranch!
1 votes - 9% 
 Not at this time; they figure out how to save it.
10 votes - 91% 

Summer Higgins is killed...or is she?

 Yep. A hitman mistakes her for Beth.
8 votes - 73% 
 Nope. No reason to kill this character.
0 votes - 0% 
 Beth kills Summer Higgins.
1 votes - 9% 
 Someone else kills Summer Higgins.
2 votes - 18% 

Jamie tries to kill Beth.

 Yes, Jamie tries it himself.
2 votes - 18% 
 Jamie hires a hitman to kill Beth.
8 votes - 73% 
 Neither. Jamie doesn't even try to kill Beth.
1 votes - 9% 

Rip dies trying to save Beth from harm.

 Yes. Rip dies protecting Beth.
2 votes - 18% 
 Nope. Rip is too important to the show. He survives.
9 votes - 82% 

At the end of Season 4, Kayce went into the desert and had a vision about his future. Does his vision decide the fate of the Dutton Family?

 Yes! Kayce is the ultimate Progger!
5 votes - 45% 
 Nope. Kayce's vision will not be revealed...yet.
6 votes - 55% 

Will Beth and Rip separate?

 Yes. This marriage can't last.
0 votes - 0% 
 Nope. Opposites attract!
10 votes - 100% 

Will Beth allow it...and...will Jamie become Governor?

 Yes. That's ultimate what John Dutton wants.
2 votes - 22% 
 Nope. Jamie won't be Governor yet.
7 votes - 78% 

Summer 'steals' John from Beth. Will Summer and John become an official item?

 Yes, they will be officially dating soon.
6 votes - 67% 
 Nope. John was honestly just helping her out.
3 votes - 33% 

Will Rip kill Jamie?

 Yes, Rip would do anything for Beth.
3 votes - 33% 
 No. Even Rip has his limits.
6 votes - 67% 

Will Jamie be successful in impeaching John Dutton?

 Yes.Jamie is smarter and more ruthless than he seems.
3 votes - 33% 
 Nope. He may try, but he won't be successful.
6 votes - 67% 

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